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Good evening Bowlers - 
I was informed, in the late afternoon of November 19th, there had been some issues with Chase bank and their "Back Office."   They apparently were  Auditing  Business Bank Accounts. They placed restrictions on our accounts. I have been working diligently, one of their Bankers to clear the issue. I received a phone call today that all restrictions have been cleared as of today at 4:00 PM.  The checks for the Senior Open will be mailed tomorrow. If you have checks from the Women's Senior and did not deposit or cash them before November 15th, please do so as they will be processed. 
I thank you for your understanding

Update Dec 3, 2021... Checks for the Senior Open have been mailed Chase issues have been resolved

USBC provides training and certification for coaches.

Coach's are able to obtain level 1, Bronze, Silver and Gold level certification.  Look for a certified coach in your local bowling center.

USBC provides a standard for the sport.  Whether you are an occasional  bowler, a regular league bowler, or a highly competitive bowler, you have access to the same equipment standards and rules to make the game fair for everyone.

No matter the season, we're always game for some serious fun. The Arizona State USBC Association hosts tournaments throughout the year for bowlers of all ages and averages.Find out more about what Arizona State USBC offers to the membership!


The AZ State USBC holds a weekend jamboree every October and an annual membership meeting every March. Each event is open to the membership to attend, however only elected delegates vote at the annual meeting.

Arizona State USBC maintains a history of the previous associations and the accomplishments of the current association and its members.  The Arizona State USBC provides recognition to those members that excel both on and off the lanes supporting the sport.

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Youth members compete in championship tournaments earning scholarship funds for the college education.  Other scholarship opportunities are available.

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